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Guided Rock Art Tours

Guided tours by Cowboy Ben and his daughter Carla take you through the canyon known as the Longest Art Gallery in the World and made famous by the Great Hunt Panel. The tour is filled with rock art, including tens of thousands of petroglyphs and pictographs, most of which were created by the Fremont and Ute Indians, beginning almost 1000 years ago and continuing to the mid-1800’s.  Full day tours are $25/person with a $150 minimum. Your vehicle or ours depending on group size. Please call (435) 637-2572 or email in advance for all tours. Tours leave the ranch house between 9-10 am depending on weather. Tour is about 24 miles long with stops all along the canyon. Each stop includes a short walk to view the rock art, a stop for lunch at Daddy Canyon, the conclusion of the tour at the Great Hunt Panel, followed by the drive back to the ranch house. We arrive back at the ranch house between 4 and 5 pm.

Self guided tours are available. Guide books by Ed Helmick available at the ranch house for sale or at Interview with Ed Helmick

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